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The MOBA Rejection Collection Auction


Here are many of the items that will be auctioned on April 23 at the MOBA Rejection Collection Auction. Notice that many items show approximate dimensions, in inches. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Each item in this auction is accompanied by a certificate attesting that the piece was rejected by the Museum of Bad Art. These ready-to-frame certificates are signed by Parker McGurl, MOBA's *Special* Assistant to the Executive Director.


If you have a phone number in the US or Canada, you can still participate. Tell us which pieces you're most interested in and where to call you on Monday evening, April 23 from 7:30 to 10pm (Eastern US time). When your item comes up, we'll get you on the phone and a skillful MOBA phone rep will bid for you on the auction floor. Email

CAUTION: We haven't tried this before. If we get more bid requests than we can handle, we'll take them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you're outside the US and Canada, we may be able to work something out. We can arrange a pre-authorization and a MOBA volunteer will represent you and bid only as much as is needed to secure your piece. For instance, you might authorize up to US$25 for a Rejection Collection piece. Your representative could find that US$17.50 was sufficient to win the bid, so that's all that would be bid on your behalf.

An official certificate will accompany every item sold at the auction

Caught in a Food Fight

At the Shore
36 x 24

Blood Splattered Wall
48 x 48

Joe's Grub
48 x 33

16 x 12

18 x 14

White Flowers
20 x 16

8 x 13

Madonna & Bambino
10 x 12

Tiffany Lamp & Tissues
14 x 11

Kitchen Items on Red Velvet
11 x 14

Downhill Skier
16 x 11

Black Rose
28 x 22

Squiggles # 3
28 x 22

Squiggles # 2
28 x 22

Desert Mountains
28 x 22

Pastels at Night
28 x 22

Eggplant For Brains
28 x 22

28 x 22

Pretty Colors
50 x 16


Back of Untitled

Untitled #2 (+ many more)

3 Thistles
8 x 10 each

Pats Fan
18 x 24

Angry Face Sculpture
8 x 12

Toilet Seat

Toilet seat cover

Rock Star
16 x 20

Mystical Bubbles
16 x 20

Skiing Santa
16 x 20

34 x 24

Girl in a Tree
24 x 18

House on the Dune
20 x 16

Still Life
16 x 20

16 x 28

Uncle Joe & Aunt Sally
13 x 16 each

20 x 16

Jackson Pollack
16 x 24

Orange Still Life (No Oranges)

Nice Guy Portrait

Duck & Man

Bear & Heart
24 x 18

2 Portraits
12 x 16 each


At Her Leisure
20 x 16

20 x 30

12 x 16

64 x 64

Stencil Lady
80 x 86

Sepia Creamer
9 X 12

Sepia Fruit
12 x 9

African Violets
16 x 20

Apples in the Snow
18 x 14

Ghostly American Gothic
18 x 24

The White Mill
30 x 40

Girl Collage

Giant Eye
30 x 40

30 x 40

La Puta

Sepia Nude

Out of Rehab
18 x 24

There's more! Come to Dedham and see.

The Museum of Bad Art Rejection Collection Auction is Monday, April 23 at the Dedham Community Theatre, Dedham Square MA. The auction opens at 7, and bidding begins at 7:30pm. Checks and cash only. Beverages for thirsty bidders will be supplied by Sam Adams. For more information, contact | All contents © 2018 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Contact MOBA