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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #34


While the MOBA staff were enjoying their much deserved respite, the bad art loving public continued sending news, photos, and art work to MOBA's Submissions Dept.

The staff returned to find a mountain of mail, email, faxes and deliveries. Among the most intriguing packages were two very large boxes sent by Stacey Harris of North Tarrytown NY.

The boxes were filled with a massive collection of very similar sea shell sculptures and the following letter.

Dear MOBA Directors,

This is one of two packages of bad seashell sculpture. Although I made an effort to wrap them protectively, I'm sure a few shells have detached from a statuette or two. All restoration efforts are not only permitted but encouraged. Dried glue patches on the shells will guide all such efforts.

I never really planned to become a bad artist - it just sort of happened. Until I created the statuettes, I hadn't done anything artistic since grade school. I had been a chain smoker for about 12 years, and the statuettes were part of my effort to quit.

I recently began a new job and a colleague (and former smoker) told me that our insurance covers "the patch" which I decided to try after a new law forbade smoking in our South Bronx building.

My patches cured the addictive craving, but I desperately needed something to fidget. I tried using coloring books, but they just weren't good enough. I suddenly received inspiration while spending way too much time at the beach in an attempt to avoid smoky bars.

I began gathering seashells because I had found a few pretty ones but I got carried away and soon had no place to display them. One day my mother asked if I had any use for some leftover glue that she wanted to throw away. At that moment I understood that there was a higher purpose for "nature's ashtrays". The enclosed bad art was born.

You have my permission to do whatever you like with any of the statuettes not displayed in MOBA.

I cannot promise any future works as I do not currently plan any major dieting or to quit biting my nails.

Stacey Harris

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