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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) Newsletter, Issue #52

The entrance to MOBA's Drive Thru Gallery and Carwash, above
The reception area, above
Sandy Winslow's "More" brightens up the price list, above
MOBA's Executive Director and Director of Aesthetic Interpretation put the finishing touches on an art lover's sparkling car, above


The Museum Of Bad Art is proud (as always) to present it's newest exhibition: "Awash With Bad Art".

This show marks a major milestone for the museum's Public Exhibition Department (PED). For the first time in the museum's history, the PED mounted two exhibitions simultaneously at two locations. The Museum Of Bad Art and RoJo's Car Wash, both leading institutions in their respective fields joined hands to present the World's First Drive Thru Art Gallery and Car Wash as a benefit for the Salvation Army on Wednesday, November 19.

On the same evening, at 8pm the Museum also unveiled a breathtaking exhibition of new acquisitions at MOBA's Permanent Gallery in Dedham, MA.

- - - - - - - - -


Yesterday, amid the excitement and joy of planning the upcoming MOBA events, a storm cloud blew in from the west, and drenched MOBA's Executive Director with a torrential downpour of serious accusations. On Saturday afternoon while looking for a roll of duct tape in the Executive Director's office, Marie Jackson, MOBA's Director of Aesthetic Interpretation found the following electronic communications lying in plain view on Mr. Reilly's desk.
Dear Mr. Reilly,

In regards to The MOBA News #51. Just curious -- how did you ever come up with the idea of an exhibit at a car wash? Could it have anything to do with COMA, the story I shared with you a while back about the County of Orange Museum of Art -- located in a car wash???

Bad ideas deserve credit, too.

Richard K. Moore, Librarian
Bolsa Grande High School
Garden Grove, CA 92844

- - - - - - - - -

Dear Mr. Moore,

We first talked about having this event about a year ago. I must admit that I had completely forgotten about your correspondence -- as is evidenced by our advertising this event as "The World's First Drive-Thru Gallery and Car Wash". With your prompting, I do now recall your email, though I can't remember whether we received it before or after we began first talking about this event.

In any case, I had completely eliminated all recollections of your correspondence from my meager memory -- much in the same way that with enough time, salesmen, career politicians, and psychopathic killers tend to believe their own fabrications. It appears that, as with many of my good ideas, I stole it.

In any case, I certainly would be delighted to give credit where credit is due assuming you have some irrefutable evidence to prove the charges -- not only because I would feel morally compelled to correct the record, but perhaps more importantly -- because you would have caught me fair and square.

Barring some airtight paperwork to back up your scurrilous claims -- it's just your word against mine.

Jerry Reilly
Executive Director
Museum Of Bad Art
Upon reading the messages, Ms. Jackson was horrified. The Executive Director has been crowing for months about the Drive-Thru Gallery, telling any and all who would listen about his genius and creativity in formulating such an original and brilliant new exhibition methodology. Only last week he had bolstered his case for an exorbitant pay raise with the museum's Executive Compensation Committee by saying "You could search from one end of this nation to the other and you'd never find another Executive Director with enough unbridled imagination to envision a Drive Thru Art Gallery".

A shocked and disillusioned Ms. Jackson thought long and hard about the moral dilemma she suddenly found herself in. She was caught in a three way tug of love between her deep loyalty to the Executive Director, her desire to protect the institution that means so much to her, and her own blind ambition. After a full 20 seconds of soul-searching, she bounded up the stairs and burst into The MOBA Newsroom with the incriminating documents.

- - - - - - - - -

Through the miracle of plastic, MOBA presented a shrink wrapped selection of it's most well known works -- "The MOBA Collection, The Early Years" in a Drive-Thru setting for the harried art lover on the go as a benefit for The Salvation Army.

Aside from the obvious advantages of the Drive-Thru Gallery, Ethan Berry, MOBA's conservator, believes that the car wash's hot wax may be integral to saving some of the more fragile pieces in the MOBA collection for posterity. Says Mr. Berry "Like linoleum on a floor, or the heat shield on the space shuttle, a patina of hot wax can go a long way towards protecting the art."

The museum would like to extend our special thanks to our corporate sponsors at Lee McDonald and Associates. The researchers at their labs have spent countless hours perfecting the technique for waterproofing priceless works of art. We have no doubt that their groundbreaking technological work will be used by art institutions across the globe whenever they want to exhibit their most important and valuable paintings in damp, dusty or dirty surroundings.

- - - - - - - - -


MOBA's newest exhibition opened on November 19 to unanimous critical and popular acclaim. The curatorial staff believes that this new exhibition is the worst yet in the museum's long proud tradition of ever dropping standards: "Three Heads", "Two Trees In Love", and "Dog".

- - - - - - - - -


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