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  Museum passes bad check to Salvation Army
Museum passes bad check to Salvation Army, above
The Museum Of Bad Art passes bad check to the Salvation Army

The Museum Of Bad Art presented a bad check for $1902.59 to the Salvation Army at MOBA's permanent gallery in the Dedham Community Theater, 580 High St, Dedham Square.

Every few years, the Museum Of Bad Art organizes a charity fund-raiser . The centerpiece of the evening is an auction of "not bad enough" paintings and sculpture that have been rejected by MOBA .

These raucous evening of wild bidding are always a runaway success. At a recent auction, t he museum and its patrons raised $1902.59 through the sale of nearly-museum-quality art work.

Well known local artist, and longtime MOBA supporter Jeanne Kent couldn't attend one auction, so instead she volunteered to put her talent aside and create an original work of art for the museum -- a very bad, fluorescent green, oversized (33x19) acrylic on canvas framed check for $1902.59.

T \MOBA presented Ms. Kent's painting and an actual check Captain Wilfred Samuel of the Salvation Army to help with their ongoing work.

The museum also took the opportunity to announce a new initiative from MOBA's Development Office. After the stunning success of the auctions, MOBA's Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director, Louise Sacco, decided it was time to share the success with colleagues at the other major art institutions around the country.

Ms. Sacco said, "we believe that like MOBA, most major art museums have reject piles in their basement rotting away and collecting dust. In these times of severe cutbacks in arts funding, a reject pile auction can provide an important new revenue stream for the institution as well as make it a bit easier to get to the lawnmower."

The new initiative entitled "From a Sow's Ear" is a program of workshops and consulting services, open to all art museums. MOBA will help set up reject pile auctions across the country. Ms. Sacco says "we look forward to the day when every art museum has a clean basement and cash in its pockets." | All contents ©2006 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Contact MOBA