MOBA Art Too Bad To Be Ignored
a work of art
Acrylic on canvas
Donated by Elizabeth and Sorn Pöckel, Copenhagen, Denmark

A remarkable fusion of ski resort and wolf puppy -- stoical in his yellow-eyed silence, frozen beneath the ice-capped peak, Dog eloquently challenges the viewer to re-examine old concepts of landscape.

Additional Information
Excerpted from the MOBA News, issue #51: We are in the final negotiations for an important new acquisition from Copenhagen, Denmark. Elizabeth Pöckel, our generous Danish benefactor is working furiously as we go to press to convince the owners of a breathtaking piece of Danish bad art, to allow it to leave a private collection in Europe and be shared by the bad art loving masses of the world. Should Ms. Pöckel succeed in her quest, she will fly to Boston with the painting in time for "Awash With Bad Art".

Excerpted from the MOBA News, issue #52: Wednesday evening's gala opening will feature the unveiling of an important new acquisition from Denmark -- entitled "Dog". As we go to press, the donor, Ms. Elizabeth Pöckel is flying from Copenhagen to Boston's Logan Airport with the painting safely stored in her overhead compartment.

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