MOBA Art Too Bad To Be Ignored
a work of art
Bob "Grandpa" Roots
San Miguel, CA
14" x 18", oil on canvas board
Donated by the artist
MOBA #455

The wild westerly wind that devastated this peaceful bucolic landscape was strong enough to denude mature trees, grossly distort fair weather clouds, rend the fur from a cow, bend a wrought iron weather vane, and induce panic in a basset hound whose ears and tongue point due east.

Donated by the artist Bob "Grandpa" Roots, this two-dimensional American landscape is reminiscent of the work of Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses (American, 1860-1961) who also began painting as an octogenarian and became famous for her pastoral "naive folk" paintings.

In the note accompanying his donation, Mr. Roots wrote, "...I was happy with the way the barn turned out. It was when I started animals and people that [I realized] I was having problems with proportions..."

He enjoys other creative pursuits in addition to painting. "I have won the World's Worst Poetry Contest in Pismo Beach, CA, placing 1st, 2nd, and 4th in separate years...[and]...I have made many bottles of home brew and wine..."

The MOBA curatorial staff speculate that Grandpa Roots' imbibing of the fruits of the latter may have contributed to the "problems with proportions" that make this painting particularly delightful. | All contents © 2017 The Museum Of Bad Art. All rights reserved. | Contact MOBA