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Sunday On The Pot With George

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Sunday on the Pot With George
Acrylic on canvas by Unknown
22" x 37"
Donated by Jim Schulman

Can the swirling steam melt away the huge weight of George's corporate responsibilities? This pointillist piece is curious for meticulous attention to fine detail, such as the stitching around the edge of the towel, in contrast to the almost careless disregard for the subject's feet.

Additional Information
The following note was received from Jim Shulman, donor of this MOBA masterpiece:

"In a sense, Sunday on the Pot With George takes a far more prominent place in my life than ever before. A friend mentioned that The Masterpiece appeared on the CBS Morning News. I asked him how he could tell: he said that George was the single most memorable artistic experience in his life -- a bit like his recent bout with the shingles -- and left an indelible impression.

"I never thought that all this fuss would take place over my modest bequest. Well, as Margaret Trudeau once said 'Some are born great, and others have greatness thrust into them.'"

Compelling Detail
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