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Pauline Resting

Pauline Resting
Acrylic on canvas stretched over a window frame by Unknown
Acquired by Scott Wilson from trash

The cares of the day slip away and the first flush of sleep brings color to Pauline's innocent cheek.

Additional Information
The reverse side of this painting is also interesting. The canvas has been stretched on a basement window frame. When viewed from the obverse, the canvas itself serves as a blind, shielding Pauline from prurient peepers.

Garen Daly, the proprietor of the Dedham Community Theater and the home of MOBA's permanent gallery called MOBA's offices. A school group of 4th graders had been at the theater that afternoon to watch a film. Midway through the movie, a teacher began to suspect an epidemic of bladder problems had broken out among the boys in the group. The longer the movie went on, the more young boys disappeared on repeated visits to the men's room. Upon further investigation, it appears that the cause of their symptoms was not the diuretic affect of Pepsi, but the attraction of Pauline Resting in the basement gallery outside the men's room.

Compelling Detail
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